About Us


B & E is one of the industries supplying leader in virgin real human hair.

As one of the industry leaders in virgin human hair. Over the years, B & E has grown its capability in research & development, marketing & design as well as a functional shipping & receiving network system to distribute all our products in North America.

As our President, Derrick Bailey would say, “it’s not about how much product we sell, it’s about the quality and satisfaction our clients feel. B & E, a combination of the names Bailey and Elery, help create the name of our brand. As our brand concept began to develop, we theme our core message behind the quality of our product, natural beauty and you.

To up hold this philosophy, we have invested years of research & development, consulting with hair experts & sources all around the world and the system to develop 100% virgin human hair. B & E wants each person to feel beautiful, natural. We believe that the hair is a natural extension of who you are and what you can become!